Using a 3x4 rotary pickup switch with a 6 position varitone Jazz Precision hybrid

Precision jazz hybrid. I am using a 3 x 4 rotary switch for the pickup switch. #1 Neck, #2 neck/Bridge parallel, #3 neck/bridge series out of phase, and #4 Bridge. From there to a 6 way varitone then to a master volume and master tone. Everything sounds great. I especially love position #3 the out of phase pickups have a nice distorted growl. Everything works just as expected. I always have loved the jazz bass though one thing I never liked was 2 volumes. It is an easy fix though and opens up a space for the pickup switch. I built this bass out of spare parts  it has a precision 5 string neck with an Alvarez 5 string body that was routed for the Precision pickup and the jazz bridge pickup.  I have rewired this bass at least 5 times and this is my favorite scheme so far. It has all the options I could ever want in a bass
Diagram for switch. wire shown as to volume in this case runs through varitone then to the volume/tone

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