Custom Tone monster CTS stacked Volume/Volume 18mm Tone pot 12 position Varitone

This rig can be customize to fit any style instrument. The one pictured is built for a fender Jazz bass. I use a CTS stacked pot for volume/volume an 18mm bourns guitar pot for tone and a 12 way varitone. Any varitone can be used either a 4, 6, or 12 position. If you have a tele or precision style instrument an 18mm bourns pot can be substituted for the stacked CTS pot just the same. Endless tone in a tight compact harness. Built to last for life. The jazz rig runs $74 the price goes down from there. If you like a wide range of tone selections this is the rig for you. Chicken head knob included. CTS pot requires a concentric stacked knob set. (*not included) outer shaft is neck position and inner  shaft or top knob is bridge. I have been  building this type of harness for quite sometime so far I get rave reviews with many happy customers.

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