BB King Lucille position 2 - 2 way push pull tone circuit

2 way push pull tone potentiometer and switched circuit

This is a 2 way varitone drop in tone pot replacement. Pushed in it is just your basic tone circuit with a standard .022uf or .05uf (.047uf) radial film capacitor. Pull it out and you have position #2 of the gibson style varitone. Position #1 is bypass position #2 has a filter cap .001uf and the choke with a 10Mohm drain resistor and a 51K limit resistor. I build these with either 250K or 500K audio taper P/P guitar pot made by Bourns. . The 250K being a little bit warmer and the 500K a little brighter. I have had many guitar players tell me position 4 5 and 6 of the standard varitone are useless. To much cut and to dark.I modified the gibson spec on all of my varitones and changed the 100K resistor to a 51K resistor. For bass guitar on the other hand the darker filters are more useful. I can build these for any configuration for Bass or guitar. 

Basic installation diagram

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