12 way mono varitone installation details

The 12 way varitone is basically the same as all the others. The switch itself, since there are 12 positions it travels 360 degree's and does not have a stop. It can be rotated from 12 to 1 or back the other direction. Also it is only available with a single pole. It is available with both popular shaft types solid and knurled. With a 12 position switch you will have 36 basic positions. 1 - 12 with tone pot full open, tone pot 50% and tone pot full closed. It installs  the same as any other varitone switch. My switch has 3  wires red, green, and black. Since there are 12 capacitors it takes up a little more space than some though it still only requires about the same space as a regular 24mm pot. Depending on how the capacitors are placed it can have diameter of  about 35mm max but can be arranged for special applications to be about 25mm in diameter with an increased depth to from 20mm (3/4") to 25mm (1")

The red wire is full bypass input, the green wire is output to volume/tone/jack OR non bypass input 
black wire is ground. 

Picture above shows the simplest installation. Snip or disregard red wire green to any hot connection. Connecting directly to jack is shown. Ground wire connected to jack ground or any common ground. Instead of full bypass position 1 will be a disconnect

The above picture shows using the red wire as hot input, green wire is hot output to jack and black wire to ground. This installation will utilize the full bypass which is a redirect position 1 will be wide open no filters positions 2 - 12 will have added 51K resistance + the position filter. This format is more like the gibson design. 
Below  is another example of how to wire the switch using the full bypass. Just an example to show you can add the varitone to any guitar that you have room in.

You can purchase a switch below. Shipping to "USA ONLY" for international customers please send an email to request shipping details  and amount and I will send an invoice.
Price USA 64.99 + $3 shipping and handling. International customers must send a request to Admin

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