Saturday, January 16, 2016

VIrtual music & video creation collaboration for fun profit if and when possible.

I am no recording engineer. I do like to play around and record tunes just for the fun of it mostly. It this day and age gigs are not what they used to be. At least here in Denver Colorado where I happen to be. Most gigs around town these days pay the same as they did 30 years ago. All the clubs and bars sure don't charge the same for drinks. Since the birth of the Internet we have the opportunity to communicate with and pass files back and forth over the net. I thought wow it sounds like a good idea how ever not that many people are interested. To bad because these days all you need to do is make some music and a video place it on youtube click monetize and you can start making some money. Is there anyone out there tat wants to collab on a collection of songs get them on video upload them to youtube. Doesn't even have to be a great video. Here is one I put together using Cakewalk music creator and windows movie maker. Well it is still worth a try. I belong to a site called band hub. I cant find a lot of collabs remaking covers. I haven't had any response for collabs on originals. Its ok with me if it is just a hobby. I am 58 retired and I could use some music projects to work on. Make a comment if you are interested and maybe we can start on our first ep. Here is one I made using mp3 clips and a bunch of pictures. Enjoy the day! Peace!