Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The whole truth about noiseless Varitone switching!

I read all the time about the idea that an MBB or shorting rotary switch will eliminate all electrical noise associated to varitone switching. Nothing could be further from the truth. First off there are 3 types of noise. Mechanical, on/off or opening and closing the circuit. and static discharge. The MBB switch only addresses the on/off or opening and closing the circuit. The MBB or shorting function allows the next positions cap to connect before the last positions cap disconnects. That's it. It does not prevent static or back flow current from building up in idle capacitors. It only gives the static discharge two paths to flow instead of one. The only way to prevent static or back flow charging of idle capacitors is by using a constant drain. Dont believe me then ask Gibson why they use both MBB and constant drain. Gibson engineers may be many things but they are not stupid people and they know what they are doing. An MBB switch will reduce noise yes! But it will not eliminate all noise! A truly silent switch requires 3 property's. Smooth operation, MBB or shorting design, and constant drain! Why settle for less than the best possible switch.
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