Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The latest and greatest varitone to be born on my bench!

6 Way Varitone rotary switch knurled split shaft
Tele tone monster
The silent one built using an MBB shorting switch with 10Mohm drain resistance. Gibson knows a few things about varitones!
 I have been building varitone switches for quite a few years. I have learned much over time about how to assemble the varitone as well as what capacitors to use for different frequency ranges and instruments. It goes without saying that telecastor players love their tele's for two main reasons they are quality playable instruments and TONE! This varitone is a product of evolution along the way I have tweaked the design as well as designing and building them for specific instruments. That is not to say this varitone will not fit any guitar when crisp searing highs are desired but it was developed with all of this in mind. I stand behind the quality of my varitones with a lifetime guarantee under normal usage. Some of my varitones are designed to go both below and above the tonal range of your average guitar or bass. This one how ever is designed to go from your average guitar tone to the highest highs. Coupled with a tone pot you will have 18 basic positions 1-6 tone pot full open, half or mid way and full closed. With a quality tone pot and a .023uf capacitor you will have many shades in between these 18 basic positions. All of my varitones have 3 wires red, green and black. You can install the simple way using only the green as input and black as ground or you can install the Gibson way with red as positive input, green positive output, and black to ground. I have many diagrams and explanations here! 
With a push pull tone pot or mini toggle you can install so you have both worlds with the flick of a switch. By far the most versatile varitone built with many years of experience. If this switch ever fails under normal usage I will replace it for free!
Guaranteed and warranted!