Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mini toggle on/off/on 3 position varitone

This mod uses a mini toggle switch SPDT with an on/off/on configuration. This mod gives you two extra tone positions with very little modification to your instrument. You need to drill a 1/4" mounting hole then solder the red wire to the hot/positive signal any where along its path the black wire solders to ground.  Its most often easiest to solder both wires to the jack red to positive black to ground. That's it and you will have tone that goes on for weeks. This switch can be built for any guitar or any bass just send a note with your instrument type/spec's I can build a custom switch to fit.

Monday, July 21, 2014

From one of my valued customers about my double piezo pickup. I always use double sided tape to stick the discs but this customer used the pickup on a very old upright bass and came up with a better idea
Dear guitronix-usa,

I purchased one of your dual pick up piezo's for my upright bass. It is the one with a small and large pick up. I just thought I would let you know how it is working. I mounted both pickups on the bridge. The small one on the bass side leg and the large one right in the middle under the heart. I had to put a piece of tape on the small one and a piece of 1/16 cork on the large one. This gave it the best and most natural sound and reduced finger noise. I tried different spots on the body but it is hard to find a truly flat spot on a 70 yr old instrument and the vibration of the body was a bit too much for the pickup. I also found tape would pull the varnish off the body. I actually attached the pickups with zip ties which makes them movable and leaves no marks on the instrument. The cords could have been a about 6" longer to provide more mounting options. I am getting very good compliments on my sound and I would say your pick up is as good as the ones that cost 10 times more.

- vrh52

acoustic or cigar box guitar piezo pickup 2 - 20mm disc

In retrospect for upright bass applications I will make the leads 18" instead of the standard 12"