Sunday, September 7, 2014

EB3 Series #1 & #2 wiring kits Visit

Just introduced 2 kits for the EB3 bass wiring scheme. This design will work with any bass that has 2 pickups, 2 volume and 2 tone controls. A 3 pole 4 position rotary switch is used for pickup switching!
Visit for more details and  pricing!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

While the Sprague/Vishay orange drops are slowly running out of stock Cornell Dubilier orange drops are becoming readily available. Every thing I have read from both corporations is that they are made exactly the same with the same tooling. These days acquisitions and mergers are nothing more than tax shelters along with an increase in profitability anyway. If you climb just about any major corporate structure you will find many are owned by the same person or groups of people. Its just an illusion. Good thing is orange drops are still available.

Orange Drop Caps

The whole truth about noiseless Varitone switching!

I read all the time about the idea that an MBB or shorting rotary switch will eliminate all electrical noise associated to varitone switching. Nothing could be further from the truth. First off there are 3 types of noise. Mechanical, on/off or opening and closing the circuit. and static discharge. The MBB switch only addresses the on/off or opening and closing the circuit. The MBB or shorting function allows the next positions cap to connect before the last positions cap disconnects. That's it. It does not prevent static or back flow current from building up in idle capacitors. It only gives the static discharge two paths to flow instead of one. The only way to prevent static or back flow charging of idle capacitors is by using a constant drain. Dont believe me then ask Gibson why they use both MBB and constant drain. Gibson engineers may be many things but they are not stupid people and they know what they are doing. An MBB switch will reduce noise yes! But it will not eliminate all noise! A truly silent switch requires 3 property's. Smooth operation, MBB or shorting design, and constant drain! Why settle for less than the best possible switch.
If you can afford to buy the worlds greatest switch made by Gibson buy it!  If you cant afford Gibson's price buy the Second best on the market switch here! No bullshit, no sales hype, just quality parts and service!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The latest and greatest varitone to be born on my bench!

6 Way Varitone rotary switch knurled split shaft
Tele tone monster
The silent one built using an MBB shorting switch with 10Mohm drain resistance. Gibson knows a few things about varitones!
 I have been building varitone switches for quite a few years. I have learned much over time about how to assemble the varitone as well as what capacitors to use for different frequency ranges and instruments. It goes without saying that telecastor players love their tele's for two main reasons they are quality playable instruments and TONE! This varitone is a product of evolution along the way I have tweaked the design as well as designing and building them for specific instruments. That is not to say this varitone will not fit any guitar when crisp searing highs are desired but it was developed with all of this in mind. I stand behind the quality of my varitones with a lifetime guarantee under normal usage. Some of my varitones are designed to go both below and above the tonal range of your average guitar or bass. This one how ever is designed to go from your average guitar tone to the highest highs. Coupled with a tone pot you will have 18 basic positions 1-6 tone pot full open, half or mid way and full closed. With a quality tone pot and a .023uf capacitor you will have many shades in between these 18 basic positions. All of my varitones have 3 wires red, green and black. You can install the simple way using only the green as input and black as ground or you can install the Gibson way with red as positive input, green positive output, and black to ground. I have many diagrams and explanations here! 
With a push pull tone pot or mini toggle you can install so you have both worlds with the flick of a switch. By far the most versatile varitone built with many years of experience. If this switch ever fails under normal usage I will replace it for free!
Guaranteed and warranted!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mini toggle on/off/on 3 position varitone

This mod uses a mini toggle switch SPDT with an on/off/on configuration. This mod gives you two extra tone positions with very little modification to your instrument. You need to drill a 1/4" mounting hole then solder the red wire to the hot/positive signal any where along its path the black wire solders to ground.  Its most often easiest to solder both wires to the jack red to positive black to ground. That's it and you will have tone that goes on for weeks. This switch can be built for any guitar or any bass just send a note with your instrument type/spec's I can build a custom switch to fit.

Monday, July 21, 2014

From one of my valued customers about my double piezo pickup. I always use double sided tape to stick the discs but this customer used the pickup on a very old upright bass and came up with a better idea
Dear guitronix-usa,

I purchased one of your dual pick up piezo's for my upright bass. It is the one with a small and large pick up. I just thought I would let you know how it is working. I mounted both pickups on the bridge. The small one on the bass side leg and the large one right in the middle under the heart. I had to put a piece of tape on the small one and a piece of 1/16 cork on the large one. This gave it the best and most natural sound and reduced finger noise. I tried different spots on the body but it is hard to find a truly flat spot on a 70 yr old instrument and the vibration of the body was a bit too much for the pickup. I also found tape would pull the varnish off the body. I actually attached the pickups with zip ties which makes them movable and leaves no marks on the instrument. The cords could have been a about 6" longer to provide more mounting options. I am getting very good compliments on my sound and I would say your pick up is as good as the ones that cost 10 times more.

- vrh52

acoustic or cigar box guitar piezo pickup 2 - 20mm disc

In retrospect for upright bass applications I will make the leads 18" instead of the standard 12"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

BB King Lucille position # 2  push pull tone circuit

This is a 2 way varitone drop in tone pot replacement. Pushed in it is just your basic tone circuit with a standard .022uf or .05uf (.047uf) radial film capacitor. Pull it out and you have position #2 of the gibson style varitone. Position #1 is bypass position #2 has a filter cap .001uf and the choke with a 10Mohm drain resistor and a 51K limit resistor. I build these with either 250K or 500K audio taper P/P guitar pot made by Bourns. . The 250K being a little bit warmer and the 500K a little brighter. I have had many guitar players tell me position 4 5 and 6 of the standard varitone are useless. To much cut and to dark.I modified the gibson spec on all of my varitones and changed the 100K resistor to a 51K resistor. For bass guitar on the other hand the darker filters are more useful. I can build these for any configuration for Bass or guitar. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A simple mod to add a varitone choke using a push pull tone pot replacement. It also works well as a stand alone mod. Its just an easy way to be able to switch the choke on and off. In the pictures I show how to install both a tone cap and a choke on your P/P DPDT switch. For some installations you may want to wire your varitone switch directly to the push pull switch and send your tone pot capacitor directly to ground.  

Start off with the TL021-RC transformer. What we are after is induction for this reason I am only going to use the primary coil. The primary coil has an impedance of 4Kohm secondary 600ohm and the resistance is 148 primary and 64 secondary. The primary coil has 1320 winding's and 440 on the secondary just in case you want to wind your own.  

Solder one wire to the TL-021-R transformer body snip the center tap wire and you are ready to solder it to the the potentiometer body. The body of the bourns push pull  guitar pot is perfect for the match to the inductor. 
You can snip all of the secondary wires if you want to I usually bend them to the side and they will be covered by tape and shrink tubing in the final stages.

There is a little slot in the bourns pot body that is a perfect fit for the little tab on the coil one tab slides into the slot the other tab will just fit to the base or bottom of the switch body as shown.

I solder the tab to the switch body and a little spot of solder at the bottom where the tab fits into the slot.

You can see now there is one free wire after the coil is attached to the body. you can click on the picture for a larger view. The wire is soldered to the switch lug. The way i have it arranged when the switch is pulled it turns the choke on when it is pushed in it turns the choke off. This is a double pole double throw switch so you have 6 lugs total the center lugs are poles one and two the outer lugs are your two positions or throws. The choke wire only needs to be connected to the closet lug in this example will will call it the left lower lug. The capacitor is soldered to the potentiometer lug #1 furthest to the right in the picture. The other lead of the capacitor is pushed through and soldered to both poles. Snip the excess wire.

Then take a short piece of wire and solder one end to the top right lug as shown in the picture. The other end is soldered to the ground lug on the switch body. Solder a length of wire to lug #2 or center lug on the tone pot and you are all done. When the switch is pushed in the signal travels through the capacitor then to the ground wire that is grounded to the body. When you pull the switch the signal travels through the cap then through the coil to ground. All done and ready to install in your guitar or bass!

Buy one for your guitar or bass pre built and ready to drop in.