Thursday, October 3, 2013

Using a 3 pole 4 position pickup switch

A customer sent a request about using a 3 pole 4 position rotary switch for pickup switching. Here is a diagram that shows how to wire it up. First diagram is series position #3 second diagram is series out of phase position #3. Also something I noticed about the first diagram the switch is drawn as if you are looking at the face not the back. So its a good idea to mark your switch and you have to go by the numbers. The second diagram I drew and I show how it looks from the back side going left to right positions 1-4.

This is the same switch used in the EB3 bass as well as a few others. You can ad some different tone caps into the configuration to enhance your tone for different positions. This gives you the basic design and will allow you to have neck, neck/bridge parallel, neck/bridge in series, and bridge. You can also use these types of switches for coil splitting and reverse polarity.  I use 3 different switches for many different applications. 2 pole 6 position, 3 pole 4 position, and the 4 pole 3 position.
Here is a little diagram for neck, neck/bridge parallel, neck/bridge in series out of phase, and bridge
This was my prototype I was just thinking about the series out of phase so it came out from left to right starting with the bridge pickup. In the diagram the neck pickup ground isn't shown it can solder to any ground. If you want to start with neck pickup left to right just swap all the pickup connections and then the bridge pickup can solder to any ground IE: the back of the pot etc..